In recent years, the usage of hand held devices has risen extensively and it is now the method of choice for communication, how we get information, learn and do business.

Dr. Simon Wang, a practicing Chiropractor in Toronto and a Biomechanics and Ergonomics Lecturer at CMCC and UOIT (previously), has been asked by the media to weigh in on issues called text neck and iPosture, which involves people being hunched over, head down and looking at their devices.  "At first, I didn't think it was much different than laptop ergonomics,” explains Dr. Wang.

It wasn't until Dr. Wang met a 12-year-old boy in his waiting room that was slumped forward playing games on his iPhone and was unable to sit up straight on his own.  The issue was quite clear.  He asked the boy if he thought that there was a problem, and the boy said, "no".  However, the problem was obvious to both Dr. Wang and the boy's parents.

Recent research has suggested that our posture not only affects how other people see us, but it also affects how we feel and what we do.  Harvard researcher,  Amy Cuddy has proven how simple power posing can change our brain chemistry, as well as change how powerful we feel, and how likely we are to take risks.  From the research shown, Dr. Wang asks, “Are we teaching our kids to be powerful or sheepish?”

Dr. Wang has been providing ergonomic assessments and solutions for many patients since 2008.  He believes that hand held device usage is a rising problem that needs to be addressed immediately, especially with the present generation of children who have developed poor posture habits.  New habits must be formed and proper instruction are needed for children to develop into healthy adults, future leaders, business owners and parents.

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Dr. Simon Wang

Dr. Simon Wang

Dr. Wang lives in Toronto, Canada, where he practices Chiropractic, and teaches Biomechanics at CMCC.  His interest in the human spine started at 14, after suffering a back injury in his snow removal business.  He lives by the belief that we do it to ourselves, the good and the bad.  He enjoys playing beach volleyball and skiing on his days off.

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